A beginning of something…

Our life is shaped and built around traditions and influenced by cultures. Culture by definition should have just been the “way of life” – dynamic and adaptive with some of these effective practices passed along to newer generations forming “traditions”. Unfortunately these traditions influence our current way of life – beyond comfort and ‘culture’ more often than not is used as a restrictive concept. It’s become a norm to live by them. But, a few dare to question these, bringing in changes that push the boundaries of humanity. I personally see these long standing traditions as “ingrained instincts” – practices our fore fathers instinctively found necessary to follow, but somehow remained ingrained our lifestyles. We fail to notice the change of ground realities and end up blindly following or even worse advocating these practices.

These traditions have been a piece of our history and can help us trace us back to our origin. While we owe it to humanity to not loose a piece of our history, we also need to understand the changing ground realities. What makes our generation special is our willingness to be vocal about blind practices and courageous enough to fight and change them. From influencing politics to challenging long standing practices like sexism our generation has umpteen examples of positives results and changes. In the history of humanity, we have never seen blind practices being debunked and abandoned as quickly as we see today. I believe, most of us are willing to drive towards a change, but not everyone is willing to start a conversation around it.

With the intent of being a small nudge in initiating such conversations, I have decided to get back to blogging with Ingrained Instincts being my voice. Through this blog I don’t plan to give you any answers. But, I am certain, I will raise quite a few questions..

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